Water Management

Water Management

Water conservation and recycling programs, and water usage improvement

Water conservation and recycling programs implementation

Water supply at SWU (Ongkharak Campus) is abundant. There are a number of large lakes and interconnecting waterways throughout the campus. The several large lakes and interconnecting waterways throughout the campus serve as both repositories for conserving water runoff and also as a source from which the vast swathes of vegetation across campus can be watered.

The use of water efficient appliances

Replacement campaign of old appliances with more water efficient appliances is currently ongoing. So far in 2018, 1,590 of the 5,007 water appliances (taps and flushes) found across SWU’s Ongkharak Campus are classed as efficient. This equates to 31.76% In addition, we also use a low-cost technique by replacing a water bottle inside the water tank of the flush toilets across the campus to decrease water usage.