Environmentally friendly modes of transportation and carbon footprint

Shuttle services

SWU Ongkharak Campus has a fleet of electric shuttle buses transporting students and staff across campus all day long, from 0600 to 2100. There are 4 routes taken by the buses which are well utilized due to the number of vehicles provided and their frequency of travel.

Zero Emission Vehicles (ZEV) policy on campus

SWU Ongkharak Campus have a fleet of SWU-owned bicycles available to all students and staff, along with a well utilized network of bicycle paths providing safe roads for bike users throughout the campus. Additionally, there is a fleet of electric shuttle buses that are free to use, and also an electric car charging station.

Pedestrian path policy on campus

There is safety marking along the entire covered walkway routes, and the walkways are well-lit for pedestrians to use at night. Ramps for pedestrians with physical disabilities can be seen throughout the campus.

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